Jill Carroll was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  She graduated from McNeese State University

with a B.A. in English Education in 1996.

She has been a high school English Teacher in Newton, Texas and now in her hometown of Merryville, Louisiana.

She is the author of Swamp Secrets a Bayou Blood Novel, which is available through Amazon.com.


One thought on “About

  1. Jill:
    Thanks so much for stopping by “Bookshelf: for the intellectually curious”, posting a like and following my blog. I am glad you enjoyed the posting on Horses; although at the time I wrote it, I knew that I did not do justice to the song, so I recently rewrote it. I hope that I have now given it its proper adulation. I applaud your work as an English high school teacher. It is so important to inspire young minds to think critically and be able to express themselves eloquently and passionately. And speaking of passion, kudos to publishing your work in the new digital age. From the ashes of the brick-and-mortar bookstores rises new opportunities for new voices to share their work with the world. I wish you much success with your digital book publishing and continued success and personal fulfillment in the classroom teaching the work of the literary greats. Be sure to read my posting on Faulkner’s Nobel Speech and a letter that John Fowles wrote to my English class when I was a student: they remain some of the most inspirational words for any artist.

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