Bayou Blood Characters

The Bayou Blood Series

My artist daughter is working on anime character drawings of all the characters for me!  I will add those to this page as soon as they are ready.  I’m so excited!

Swamp Secrets

Evangeline Vidrine

Sixteen year old, socially awkward book worm with a secret power and past lives.

Beauregard Guidry (Beaux)

Handsome (French Born) 814 year old vampire.

Billy Tarver 

Buff jock that Evangeline has had a crush on since jr. high.


The Rougarou: he has the ability to change form, feels at home in the swamps of Louisiana, has learned to use and control the natural elements.


Evangeline’s quirky best friend.


Resurrection New Characters


Flamboyant beautiful party girl. Nick’s sister and vampire.


Easy going party guy and ladies man. Powerful Vampire


Charming, handsome, smart powerful vampire


Always ready for a fight, slightly rude, doesn’t care attitude, very tall, muscular and powerful vampire


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