Game Time

It’s game time at Tiger Stadium!  There’s nothing like LSU Football.  My four year old daughter and I are watching the LSU vs. Bama game.  It is sure to be an exciting game!  

Go Tigers!


If You Forget the Words?

We had a christian band come to sing at our church today.  They were country; played a lot of Hank Williams Sr.  They received a request from one of our older members for yet another Hank Williams song.  So they started playing and the singer couldn’t remember the words to the song. He sang, “I can’t remember the words to this song, praise the lord…”  It was funny.  We all laughed and enjoyed the music.

Musicians have the luxury of music to cover up their mistakes!

Writers don’t have that luxury.  Their words are there for everyone to critique over and over.  If one writes fluff, no one will read it.  No one will laugh and clap.

Just a thought for all you writers out there.

Much Love from Louisiana!