Another Visit with Pablo

I came across this poem in research for the book I’m writing.  I thought it was amazing so I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy.

Same Story

by Pablo Neruda

This evening, each hour, it grows earlier:

each splendor, each shadow,

each twilight, dawns anew on our world:

immovable time


its exigent face

and changelessly changes its garment:

each night or in delicate daybreak

the long silence of glaciers,

summer’s reddening apple:

all is vagabond as the wind:

time idles, immobile,

hueless and heatless, sunless and starless:

nothing avails but the absolute

 Goodbye and goodbye. Nothing changes.


Resurrection Preview

The preview for my second book Resurrection is up now! This is the link:



Ok, so I haven’t posted anything in a while.  So I thought I would share what’s been going on with my work (or what’s not going on with the work!)

For the last few weeks I’ve been in serious writing mode on my new book Resurrection the second vol. in the Bayou Blood series.  Since the book series is intended for struggling readers, my intention was to gradually make each volume a little more advanced in reading level so I’ve been spending a lot of time editing and trying very hard not to use too difficult of vocabulary and etc…

I had to take a break!  I start to over think things. So I decided to take a vacation from my Louisiana Vampire world.

Since I’ve had a sick child all week, it’s been a perfect time to snuggle up with him and read.  I didn’t think I would get so addicted to the series that I would lose sleep trying to find out what happens next, but I did!  I am reading Richelle Mead’s Bloodline series, which is a spin-off of the Vampire Academy series.  I’m totally addicted to it.  One of my favorite characters from Vampire Academy is now one of the main characters in the Bloodline series. (Adrian Ivashkov)  So, good job Richelle!


My son is all better now and back at school.  My fingers are crossed that nobody else in the family gets ill!

Much Love From Louisiana! – Jill

Tooth Ache

Yesterday my tooth started hurting so bad that I made an appointment with my dentist.  He is really awesome and sweet, but I still hate going!  My face and mouth were numb all day from the visit.  I was so excited because I thought it was going to feel great and I would be able to eat and drink again without any pain.  Boy, was I wrong!  It is a little bit better, but still pretty painful.

My point about all this is that I detest having to deal with this kind of thing!  I don’t have time to feel bad.  The kids have two soccer games tomorrow and my 6 year old has a birthday party at my house tomorrow evening!  My plan is lots of Motrin and no cold liquids.  (Really wishing I could just lie in my bed take medication and write on my book!)

Furthermore, I want to take the time to say thanks for all of the encouraging words and the following!  All of you who are authors know how hard it is to get your name and your work out there.  So I just wanted to say I appreciate the following!

Much Love from Louisiana Everyone!

My Love Affair with Books

I took my nephew to the library today to teach him about the dewey decimal system and show him around.  (He is homeschooling.)  I have to tell you, I miss the card catalogue!   I know I’m old fashion.

This is my confession:  I have a probably unhealthy love for books especially old ones!  I love the smell of them.  I made my daughters share a room so I could put more bookshelves in the smaller room.  If books were alcohol, I’d be an alcoholic.

The good thing about my kindle is I can hide my addiction from my husband who thinks I have too many books!

Resurrection Prologue Posted

© Jill Carroll 2012

Resurrection Prologue

          The smell of salt water, vomit and garbage was overwhelming.  Thankfully I didn’t really need to breathe anymore, but my body was still in the habit, so I kept finding myself taking deep breathes of the putrid city smell.  I didn’t remember New Orleans smelling so bad.  Beaux says it has always smelled like this, I just use all my senses more accurately.  He says that we taste the air to find food, but all I could taste in that air was vomit.

We were hiding in an alley off of Bourbon Street, waiting for easy prey.  He says he doesn’t have to feed anymore but about twice a year, that his body doesn’t need it.  But I’m so thirsty all the time.  I feel like I’ve taken two Benedryl out in the desert and there’s no water for miles.  I can’t imagine ever quenching this thirst.

It was so cold.  I had always read that vampires didn’t feel the cold or the heat, but that’s not true.  I feel it even more intensely.  So many horrible events have taken place but all I can think about is blood.  You would think that being undead would at least give me relief from the headaches and passing out, but it hasn’t in fact they’re worse.  Beaux says he doesn’t understand it.  He says it has to be because I was genetically meant to be a witch doctor.  He is taking me to Cocodrine after I feed to find help from a witch doctor that has helped him in the past.

A young woman walked around the corner looking very lost and a little drunk.  She was quite pretty, long brown hair, pretty face and neatly dressed.  Then I realized she had tears streaming down her face which explained why she was alone in such a place.

Beaux nudged me like a baby bird being nudged out of the nest.  I stepped out of the alley acting surprised when I bumped into the brown haired girl.  I so just wanted to sink my teeth into her, but Beaux said we have to be careful so they don’t remember or they will all come after us.   I couldn’t help taking a deep breath to taste her blood in the air.

“Excuse me,” she mumbled.  I could smell the alcohol mixed with the saltiness of her tears.

“Are you ok?” I asked sincerely lightly touching her arm.

She looked surprised and looked down into my eyes. I smiled and concentrated like Beaux had taught me.

“Come with me,” I whispered compelling her to do my will.

“Ok,” she said.

I led her back into the deserted alley.  It started to drizzle a cold rain.  I shivered.  Beaux came up behind us and told me it was time.   I grabbed the girl by the hand.  She turned around.  She had that glassy look in her eyes that they all have when I compel them.

“Come closer, lean down,” I said.

She did what I asked.  I grabbed the back of her head and bit into her neck into the artery like Beaux had taught me to do.  My fangs pulsed with pleasure and finally my thirst was gone.

I heard Beaux saying my name softly in my ear, “Stop Eva, Eva, that’s enough, Eva don’t kill her.”

He gently touched my shoulder and said, “Stop!”  His lips touched my left ear softly.

I was brought back. (What was I doing?)  I let the girl go.  She sighed and started to collapse.  Beaux caught her and healed her neck with his own blood.  I just stood there unable to grasp what I had just done.  I had almost killed her.

I was freezing cold and getting soaking wet.  It lightened then the crack of thunder broke my trance.

“You should have let me die,” I told him through my bloody tears and the rain.

He sat the girl gently down against the dingy brick building.  He was very careful with her.  Then he came over to me and put a hand on each side of my face.  “Eva, don’t cry.  I’m so sorry.  You know I never wanted this for you.  It’s why I let myself lose you over and over, life after life, but I couldn’t lose you forever.  If William would have taken your life, he would have taken your soul too.  You would have been lost forever.”  He kissed my forehead and said, “Come on let’s get this girl home and we’ll go back to my house here in the city.”

I shook my head yes.  Rain poured down my face and mixed with my bloody tears.


This post is the strict property of the author and may not be copied or sold.  © Jill Carroll 2012