Vol 2 of Bayou Blood Series

Vol 2 of the Bayou Blood Series is in progress!

Find out what happens to Evangeline in the Swamps of Louisiana

and the past story of Beaux and William.


4 thoughts on “Vol 2 of Bayou Blood Series

  1. Jill, I’m so excited that you like my WordPress blog mostly because it’s great to meet you. Although a New Englander I’m a passionate fan of all things Louisiana and am especially supportive of efforts to save the disappearing bayous. Your Pablo Neruda post is just beautiful. I’m going to read the first in the Bayou Blood series this weekend. Warm thoughts from Massachusetts.

    • It is great to meet you as well. I’ve never been to Massachusetts although I’ve always wanted to go. I teach American Lit. and would love to see the land where so many of the country’s first authors lived. I hope you enjoy the book. I wrote it for my students that don’t like to read hoping that I could spark a love for it in them.
      – Jill

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